Essential Reasons Why It Is A Wise Move To Hire A DWI Attorney


DWI or driving while intoxicated is already considered a crime in the US; this makes all DWI charges heard in a criminal court.

Anyone charged with DWI has the right to be represented in the court with the help of a private lawyer, or a public defender appointed by the court.

For a person who did the offense for the first time and asking “is getting a dwi a felony?”, the prosecutor usually offers a standard first-offense plea offer to avoid a felony offense. It is the same appeal given to those offenses that do not involve any accidents, injuries, and high blood alcohol concentration (BAC).

Advantages of hiring a DWI attorney

Hiring a DWI lawyer is advantageous, considering that DWI cases are complicated and ever-changing. Getting the expertise of someone experienced about the situation gives the offender his fair share to be represented accurately.

Usually, DWI attorneys offer clients a free consultation. During an initial meeting with the DWI lawyer, it is prudent for the offender to present a police report and other relevant records to speed up the process and help him with his case. Also, it is wise that before he accepts a plea … Read More